PET PP Packing belt production line
PET PP Packing belt production line

PET PP Packing belt production line


   PET / PP packaging tape extrusion production process: plastic melt - tape - molding - cooling - winding - Packaging - storage. PP packing belt is made of polypropylene by heating, melting, drawing and cooling. The basic parameters affecting the quality of the packing belt are tensile force, length, bending, elongation and so on. Under the same tension and other parameters, the longer the length, the lower the cost.
PET / PP production line is mainly used to produce a variety of plastic packaging tapes (such as manual tape, machine tape, automatic packaging tape, stone powder cored tape, ultra-thin tape, transparent tape, color tape, printing tape and PET plastic steel packaging tape, cotton packaging tape and so on). It can meet the needs of cartons, tobacco, clothing, paper industry, electronics, wooden boxes, fruits, electrical appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines, color TV), food and other industries.
The belt produced by PET/PP packing belt production line is characterized by high tensile resistance and small elongation. The impact resistance is not easy to break, the price is cheap, the flexibility is good, the operation is convenient, and the safety is reliable. It is the most ideal substitutes for steel strip in the world. It is easy to use and can be connected by common steel ports. It is also suitable for manual, desktop and automatic packing machines in large enterprises.

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