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Introduction of Ke Fengyuan plastic steel hollow wall pipe p

Release time:2018-10-22 13:54

Plastic steel hollow wall pipe production line can produce high quality drainage pipe with diameter of 200- Phi 3000. The pipe is increasingly becoming the mainstream product of urban drainage pipe and will gradually replace steel pipe, cement pipe, and other plastic pipe. The production line is composed of a special-shaped tube extruder, a melt glue extruder, a winding forming machine, a cutting machine, and related auxiliary mechanisms. It has the advantages of large production capacity, high production efficiency, stable operation, high pipe ring stiffness, small unit meter weight, excellent creep resistance, convenient connection and economical construction. The extruders all adopt special designed high-efficiency single-screw extruder, screw, barrel with unique structure, high output, low energy consumption, excellent plasticization, reasonable die structure, double-machine combined feeding rotary molding, ingenious conception and unique design. The advanced PLC computer control system can be adopted, which is easy to operate and stable and reliable. Double-step vacuum screw with special promoting mixing plasticizing elements, high torque, high temperature control accuracy. Adopting compound head, double-machine combined feeding, spiral rotation molding, high-efficiency compound technology, ensure the high quality of products.

At present, cement pipes are mostly used in domestic sewage and sewer pipelines. Because of their unstable chemical properties and poor connection, cast iron pipes are not suitable for continuous use because of their inconvenience and high construction cost. In recent years, the use of plastic pipes instead of cement pipes has been successful. The new large diameter winding pipe has been paid more attention. It is the replacement of cement pipe and cast iron pipe, and has great market potential. The main engine adopts high-efficiency single-screw extruder, the optimized design of screw comes from German technology, with a special promotion of mixing plasticizing components, high torque, high temperature control accuracy under the combination of ensuring that all recycled materials can be used to produce, ensure high-speed, high-quality extrusion; special design of composite co-extruder head to ensure uniform thickness. And the thickness of each layer is adjusted arbitrarily, and the two-machine joint feeding, ingenious conception, unique design, efficient composite process, to ensure high quality products.


The production line of plastic steel hollow wall pipe realizes the switching between non-linear and linear rotational speeds; the technology is advanced and the process design is unique; automatic temperature control, extrusion of tube, sol extrusion, winding and forming, cutting synchronous automatic tracking control can fully ensure that under the same ring stiffness conditions, the unit material consumption is the least and the production efficiency is the highest. On the basis of science, low cost and high yield. Electrical control system adopts advanced German BECKHOFF industrial computer bus control system, WINDOWS XP2 operating system, high precision temperature control module, high degree of automation, perfect alarm system, multi-language man-machine interface, easy operation, continuous production stable and reliable. Remote data entry, program modification, remote monitoring and remote fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.