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Inner Rib Enhanced Corrugated/Krah Pipe Machine
HDPE Krah Pipe Production Line
  • HDPE Winding Reinforced Krah Pipe Production Line

    This machine is the new technology of Kefengyuan,developing in the year 2015;

    This machine adopt the winding method to forming Krah pipe,with single wall corrugated pipe inside the pipe,

    with bell and spigot at the end of each pipe;

    This Krah pipe is the same with German Krah; You can change the SN and Diameter according to your requirement;

    Constituent of HDPE winding reinforced Krah Production Line:

    1,Single screw extruder:3 sets;

    2,Single wall corrugated pipe recoiler;

    3,Forming machine of Krah pipe;

    4,Pipe conveying framwork;

    5,Cutting Machine;

    6,Discharging Framwork;