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Plastic sheet/board production lines
WPC Sheet/Board Production Line
  • Coat hanger type die with two throttle design enable to regulate the sheet thickness accurately;
    Sheet thickness shall be regulated by screw and pressing roller;
    Separate roller temperature control system to control the temperature of pressing roller to gain even sheet thickness; Exact slicing machine, board length and quantity; Winder with big torque motor, and its speed and tension force adjustable;
    Automatic metering to set the length of product
    The main technique parameter

    Screw diameter 80/156mm 92/188mm
    L/D 22/1 22/1
    Motor power 75kw 110kw
    Thickness of sheet 3-20mm 3-25mm
    Width of sheet 1200mm 1500mm
    Output capacity 260kg/h 400kg/h
    Practical power consumption 150kw 160kw