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Pipe production lines
3PE Pipe Coating Line
  • Complete coating line for steel pipe, 3PE anti-corrosion layers, suitable for diameter scope Φ159-Φ1220.

    3PE Anti-corrosion
    Anti-corrosion structure of 3PE layer for the pipeline, the first layer is epoxy powder (FBE>100μm), the second layer is viscose adhesive (AD) 170-250μm, the third layer is polyethylene (PE) 2.5-3.7μm, the fusion of three kinds of materials which can be combined with steel pipeline and then in the form of the anti-corrosion layer, its performance is very good.. The scope of the pipe diameter is φ159-φ1220.
    2PE Anti-corrosion
    Anti-corrosion structure of 2PE layer for the pipeline, the first layer is viscose adhesive (AD), the second layer is polyethylene(PE), two kinds of materials melt together, the thick of every layer is the same as the 3PE Anti-corrosion.