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Pipe production lines
HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe machine
  • The HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe extrusion line is designed with advantaged technology and improved based on long time practice experience. Diameter range can be 200-3000mm.
    Our machine is featured with comfortable operation and high performance/price ratio.
    Due to our special design, it is very convenient in transportation and installment.
    We also developed energy saving method to save energy consumption in large diameter hollow wall winding pipe extrusion.
    By adopting two sets of high efficient extruders, the output capacity is big. Our winding pipe extrusion line can make pipe with ring stiffness 4, 8, 12KN/m2. All parts precisely designed and manufactured so the whole extrusion line works stably and reliably.
    Special design for easy maintenance.
    The HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe extrusion line is mainly used for producing large diameter hollow wall winding pipe.
    Large diameter winding pipe (diameter from 200mm-3000mm) has high ring stiffness and high brunt intensity with "H" structure. It can be used for approximate 50 years and has many advantages such as low cost assembly and easy operation, with standing pressure, corrosion resistant such as acid, alkali and salt etc. It is becoming as a replacement of cement pipe and cast iron pipe nowadays. It is being widely used as sewage and drainage pipe.
    Technical parameters:
    Model KFYPG-800 KFYPG-1200 KFYPG-1600 KFYPG-2200 KFYPG-3000
    Extruder KFYSJ-65*30 KFYSJ-50*30 KFYSJ-65*33 KFYSJ-50*30 KFYSJ-80*33 KFYSJ-50*30 KFYSJ-90*33 KFYSJ-65*33 KFYSJ-100*33 KFYSJ-65*33
    Output capacity 250 kg/h 120 kg/h 300 kg/h 120 kg/h 500 kg/h 150 kg/h 750 kg/h 250 kg/h 900 kg/h 300 kg/h
    Pipe diameter 200-800 mm 400-1200 mm 800-1600 mm 1200-2200 mm 2000-3000 mm
    Production Speed 2-16 m/h 2-12 m/h 1-6 m/h 0.5-5 m/h 0.3-3 m/h
    Installed Power 180 kw 250 kw 300 kw 400 kw 500 kw