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Pipe production lines
PVC Pipe Production Line
  • The PVC Pipe Extrusion Line, is used to produce PVC water drainage pipe, PVC water supply pipe, etc. It is developed on base of our rich practical experience. The line is very comfortable in operation, easy to maintain, perform stable and reliable, high output and energy saving. It has high performance/price ratio compares to competitors.
    The maximum pipe diameter this PVC pipe extrusion line can produce is 630mm. this production line can be equipped with SJZ series conical twin extruder or parallel twin screw extruder. The haul off machine has two-way, three-way, four-way, six-way types. The cutting machine has blade saw cutting and planetary cutting methods.

    Main Technical Data

    Mode SJSZ-51*105-75 SJSZ-65*32-160 SJSZ-80*156-400
    Main Extrusion Type SJSZ-51*05 SJSZ-65*132 SJSZ-80*156
    Output(kg/h) 120 250 400
    Pipe Specification (mm) 20-75 75-160 160-400
    Line Speed(m/min) 1-10 0.4-8 0.5--5
    Installed Power(kw) 50 100 130