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Pipe production lines
single wall corrugated pipe production line
  • The single wall corrugated pipe production line is featured with compact structure, easy operation and maintenance. We can add steel wire inside the pipe when extruding, to make it easy when you use the corrugated pipe to protect electric wire or cable. Users can use the steel wire to draw the cable in the corrugated pipe, no need to spit the pipe. So it can protect the cable better.
    The mould blocks are driven by gear. Vary quantity of mould blocks depend on different product demanding.
    The whole production line is including:
    1. Single screw extruder, model of extruder depends on the pipe diameter and output capacity request.
    2. Die head.
    3. Forming machine. The corrugated pipe is formed by two groups of calibration mould block. The pipe is cooling by fan.
    4. Haul-off machine. Caterpillar haul-off machine.
    5. Winder. Two position winder.

    Features of the line:
    design based on rich practical experience, high production speed, high performance/price ratio, comfortable operation, easy to maintain, good customer feedback.

    Screw diameter (mm) Φ90 Φ65 Φ45 Φ30
    L/D 30/1 30/1 30/1 30/1
    Output (kg/h) 200 100 40 20
    Total power (kw) 120 80 50 20
    Pipe dia. Range (mm) Φ110-Φ200 Φ16-Φ75 Φ8-Φ50 Φ2-Φ15
    Haul off speed (m/min) 10 10 15 15
    Capacity annually (10km) 150 150 150 150